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January 5, 2017

In this article, we are going to show you how to configure the viewing options for various screens in your WordPress Admin Area by using the Screen Options dropdown menu.

This feature is beneficial since it allows you to control what specific items are displayed on each screen.

What is the Screen Options Menu

The Screen Options menu is located in the top right corner of your WordPress Administration area.

You may be familiar with the Screen Options menu since it allows you to control which widgets are displayed on your WordPress Dashboard home screen. Many new users are not aware that it also plays an important role in other screens, allowing you the ability to control the following:

  • What items are displayed
  • How many items are displayed (such as comments, posts, pages, etc.)
  • Enable or disable a plugin display options
  • The screen’s layout (1 column, 2 column, etc.)
  • And much more

How to Set Your Screen Options

For the most part, the purpose of the Screen Options menu is very straightforward in that it allows you to show or hide modules within the current screen you are working on.

For example, if you’re editing a post in the Post Editor, you can select from a list of items and choose which ones you want to be displayed or hidden. Simply check the boxes of the items you want to appear on your screen and uncheck those that you wish to hide, it’s as simple as that.

The Screen Options menu provides you, the user, with more control options by allowing you to customize different admin screens. Since the options are listed in the fly out menu on each screen, they will change from one admin area to the next based on the available options within that particular page.

For example, in the All Posts screen (Posts > All Posts), in addition to selecting the items you want to have displayed in the columns, you can also set the Pagination to display a specific number of posts on your screen (currently set to 20 in our example below). You also have a View Mode setting, which can be switched between List View, which displays all of your posts by title, and Excerpt View, which includes an excerpt of the post’s content below the title of the post.

Why Use the Screen Options Menu?

By adding relevant sections to each of the admin screens, or removing those sections that you don’t use, you can create a platform that aligns more with your specific needs. This results in increased efficiency when working on your WordPress site. This is yet another feature that makes WordPress such a powerful and user-friendly content management system.

This Screen Options menu is yet another feature that makes WordPress such a powerful and user-friendly content management system.

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