WordPress 4.6 Release. What’s New?

August 11, 2016

It’s out! WordPress 4.6, otherwise known as Pepper, has officially been released for update from within your WordPress dashboard or downloaded from WordPress.org.

Pepper, named after the jazz musician Pepper Adams, adds a slew of features to the world’s most popular content management system, making it more attractive than ever. There is a long list of new features under the hood of this supercharged WordPress 4.6 update, including both performance enhancements and stability improvements.

This marks the second major WordPress release of 2016 and is “intended to help you focus on the important things while feeling more at home.” In this article, we’ll cover the best and most important features associated with the WordPress 4.6 update.

Before diving into the functions and features, we must remind you about the importance of backing up your WordPress site before beginning the update. Now, on to the good stuff.

Steamlined On-Page Updates

Prior to Pepper, WordPress jumped through many screens when installing and updated plugins and themes. WordPress 4.6 reduces the amount of time required to install and update both plugins and themes since you can now stay on the same page you’re already on. Otherwise put, WordPress 4.6 has removed that silly status page it isn’t necessary. With that gone, you won’t lose your place and can take care of all your updates on the same page you’re currently on.

Native Fonts

WordPress 4.6 now features a turbo-charged Dashboard by utilizing the fonts you already have, resulting in much faster load times. It also makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Content Recovery

WordPress automatically saves your content through your browser with its handy auto-save feature in the page and post editor. You can now rest easy knowing that you won’t lose your content; moreover, you won’t have to frequently save your work. Thanks Pepp!

Broken Link Checker

Wait, I have a Plug-in for that! Oh well, it doesn’t hurt to double up on using the feature that is now built-in to WordPress. Pepper automatically checks your links within the WordPress editor and will highlight broken links with red dots around the anchor text.

Other updates (for developers)

The following updates may be important for those developers out there:

  • Updates to JavaScript libraries
  • HTTP API now leverages the Requests PHP library
  • New WP_Term_query adds flexibility to query term information
  • New WP_Post_Type improves post types
  • New Meta Registration API supports types, descriptions, and REST API visibility
  • Uses latest language packs for improved translation loading
  • Faster loading times for Multisites
  • Customizer API for enforcing validation constraint and supporting notifications

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