How to Schedule Posts in WordPress

August 22, 2016

our’eMany new WordPress users are unaware that they can easily control when their posts are published using the built-in post scheduler feature found in the post editor’s publishing options box.

This feature is incredibly useful, especially if you’re one who writes articles in advance. By scheduling your posts, you can keep your audience engaged by delivering a consistent stream of fresh content.

Why Scheduling Posts in WordPress is Important

Your Time is Valuable

Managing a site shouldn’t interfere with your life’s plans. Plan on taking a vacation? Good, you deserve it! But first, crank out some compelling articles in advance and schedule them to post while you’re soakin’ up some sun.

It goes without saying that we all live busy lives. Alongside balancing work, family, and personal agendas allotting time to manage your website can be difficult. By using the schedule feature, you can prepare for a busy week by finishing up articles in advance and scheduling the articles to be automatically published at a later date.

Deliver the Right Content at the Right Time

If you track your website’s traffic through analytics, you may recognize that your website has certain peak hours. Most websites have certain times by which they generate the most traffic. This is rarely in sync with your schedule, but that doesn’t mean the time of publication doesn’t have to be. If the majority of your audience visits your site at a specific time, increasing visibility by scheduling the publication around that time.

Positioning: Date-ordered Stream of Posts

If you’re meticulous about your post’s archive page and want to control the post’s positioning, you can even schedule a date in the past to have that post appear on that month’s archive page. For example, if you write the post in August but want to backdate the publication to July, simply select a date in the past. As a result, your post will appear on you July’s archive page. Additionally, this will also change where that post appears on the list of posts in the All Posts section of your admin area.

How to Schedule a Post in WordPress

It’s likely that you’ve come accustomed to hitting the publish button once you’ve finished composing your post. Before publishing, check out the options above the publish button.  The default options allow you to control the status, visibility, and time of publication for the post.

publishing options on the right


By default, the time of publication is set to immediate. By clicking edit, you can change the date using specific criteria, such as the month, date, year, and exact time of publication.

Published On

Be Consistent!

Timing is everything! Loyal viewers may prefer reading your blog at certain times of the day. As a result of scheduling consistent publications, you’ll keep your audience satisfied and they’ll keep coming back for more!

We hope this article provided you with additional insight into using some of the built-in scheduling features available in the WordPress platform. For more advanced features and in-depth tutorials, check out our Beyond the Basics video tutorial series.

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