New Features in WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan”

December 18, 2016

New Features in WordPress 4.7

The latest WordPress 4.7 update, denoted as Vaughan in honor of American jazz vocalist Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan, was released earlier this month.

What’s new in WordPress 4.7

As with most WordPress updates, there are minor bugfixes and enhancements. We’re not here to talk about those. Instead, we’ll introduce you to the new exciting features Vaughan has to offer.

For starters, WordPress 4.7 debuts the Twenty Seventeen theme. This new default theme designed for business websites.

WordPress 4.7 Twenty Seventeen Theme

This ambitious theme boasts an easy experience setup for businesses and features a creatively designed, customizable home page. The features available in the Twenty Seventeen theme only work with the 4.7 update, such as theme-specific starter content and new video headers. To take advantage of these features, you’ll want to do the update, if you haven’t already. If you’re new to WordPress, check out our Updating WordPress video tutorial.

WordPress 4.7 comes locked-and-loaded with other powerful user-facing enhancements that simplify managing content and editing themes. Of the many new features, the most important ones are as follows:

  • Starter Content
  • Visible Edit Shortcuts
  • Video Headers
  • Smoother Navigation Menu Building
  • Added oEmbed support for Facebook
  • PDF Thumbnail Previews
  • Media Library Improvements
  • Customizer Improvements
  • And much more

We won’t cover them all, but let’s take a quick look at the top three: starter content, visible edit shortcuts, and video headers.

Starter Content

Starter content is a new feature that allows theme developers to put placeholder content in their themes to serve as a starting part for setting up and customizing the theme.

Essentially, this allows for theme-specific selections of content, such as widgets, pages, posts, navigation menus, etc., to showcase the theme and allow the user to build off of that base, without having to waste valuable time figuring out where to start. This is all made possible in tandem with visible edit shortcuts, another feature released in WordPress 4.7.

Visible Edit Shortcuts

Visible edit shortcuts are new visible icons that show you which parts of the theme can be instantly customized from within the live preview mode in the theme customizer. This feature includes shortcut buttons that are injected into the customizer. To begin editing content and customizing your website, simply click the button and edit away. Check out our quick video run through on this feature.

Video Headers

WordPress 4.7 adds support for video headers, which are decorative elements that allow videos to play and loop within the theme’s header. Video headers are a great way to enhance the user-experience and add visual stimuli to your WordPress site. With the new update, you can now embed videos (including YouTube videos using the oEmbed feature) into your headers from within the theme customizer.

If you’d like a full rundown of all the feature improvement and enhancements of the WordPress 4.7 release, check out the WordPress 4.7 codex support page.

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